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 Title: I’ve seen the way you look at him part 5
Author: Sam
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General.
Rating: PG:13 (one line may suggest something)
Characters: Much, Allan, Robin
Disclaimer: I don’t own Allan or Much, though I do own his jumper,.
Summary: Robin is keeping a close eye of Allan and Much

Robin watched Much gather firewood for the camp. He noticed that Much kept looking down at his newly fixed jumper and smiling, Much hadn’t told any of the gang how he had managed to mend the jumper Allan had ripped apart. He felt frustrated at not knowing, frustrated that Much, his best friend and manservant, was suddenly keeping secrets from him. Robin chewed his lip and thought.

He saw Allan appear from behind the trees and walk over to Much, Robin stood up quickly and walked down to the two men.

“Allan go and help John and Djaq” Robin said “they will need help securing the camp”

Allan looked from Robin to Much “Well, I was going to give Much a hand gathering firewood”

“Why don’t you go and help Little John” Much said, then realising he looked away mumbling an apology.

Robin was hurt by his words for only a second before feeling angry, he turned to Allan “You go, I will help Much I need to talk to him”

Allan handed Robin a handful of twigs and set off in search of Little John and Djaq. He turned back to Much who looked down at the ground for more wood, trying to avoid Robins eyes.


“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t know what came over me.


“Forgive me Master” He looked at Robin for the first time.

“I don’t know what has gotten in to you lately Much, you’re speaking back to me, you’re snapping, keeping secrets…”

“I’m not”

Robin sighed “the point is I feel like I’m losing my best friend and I don’t understand why”

“You’re not losing me, I just…” Much started gathering wood as he spoke “I can’t be there for you all the time. You can’t expect me to be there when you need me but never there for me, not know you have made me an equal. I’m not technically your manservant anymore”

Robin stood speechless at what Much had said. “I don’t expect you to be there…”

“Yes you do, you still think of me as your servant, and I understand that you don’t do it intentionally it’s just who you are. You’re a noble at heart. That should be enough firewood”

He picked up the large pile of wood he had collected and turned away from Robin and began to walk.

Robin was angry at Much for what he said, angry because he knew that it was true he did take advantage of Much and he didn’t mean to. He watched Much from the corner of their camp, he could tell that Much knew he was watching but was avoiding looking over at him.

Robin watched as Allan walked over to Much , he leaned over and whispered something into his ear then walked out of camp. Much looked around camp, still avoiding looking over at Robin, then slowly got up and followed Allan out of camp.

Robin followed as quietly as he could, he didn’t know where he was going or why he couldn’t stop himself from following. When he heard voices he sat down behind a bush and watched.

“…I shouldn’t have said what I said” Allan said.

“You should have done, he’s had it coming for a while. I’m proud of you”

“Really?” Much answered hopeful.

“Well, yeah. You did alright, my friend. You’re happy with your jumper then?”

“Yes, thank you again for fixing it”

“I told you it was fine, but seeing as your grateful” Allan smirked “and as you do owe me, how about repayment?”

“What? You shredded my jumper in the first place”

“Yeah but I didn’t have to get it fixed did I?”

“And what kind of repayment did you have in mind?”

Allan leaned in and then started to laugh, “You should see the look on your face”

Much smiled “very funny”

“Right I’m off to bed, you coming Much?” Much looked up “Back to camp I mean” Allan added.

Robin sat in the bush for a long time after Much and Allan had left. He re-played the scene in his head over and over. When he got back to camp everyone apart from John was asleep. He looked over at Muchs jumper laid over a tree close to the sleping Much. He walked over and picked it up and pulled it as hard as he could until it completely ripped in half. He looked down at Much and thought of the way he had looked at Allan.

To be continued…

Title: I’ve seen the way you look at him part 4
Author: Sam
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General.
Rating: G
Characters: Much, Allan, Robin
Disclaimer: I don’t own Allan or Much, though I do own his jumper,.
Summary: Allan has something for Much.

Much was trying to think of an escape from Robin talking about Marian and Guy of Gisborne. He usually didn’t mind listening to Robin talk about the same subjects over and over but lately something had changed between them. He wasn’t sure if Robin had noticed this and he was scared to bring up the subject in case he, as he usually did, puts his foot in his mouth. Much wasn’t entirely sure what it was that had changed, he still loved Robin but he didn’t feel the closeness they had shared in the Holy Land. Allan had joked that he was growing up, and maybe he was.

“…I think he may have something up his sleeve…”

“Uh huh” Much said, he wasn’t even sure who they were talking about anymore. He was just agreeing with Robin every couple of minutes so he wouldn’t suspect that he wasn’t paying attention.

“…What do you think Much?”

Much thought quickly “I agree with you” he said hoping it would be a reasonable enough answer.

“It makes sense doesn’t it?” Robin said, he hadn’t seemed to notice.

Much decided he would have to pay listen or risk being exposed but his attention didn’t last long.

Suddenly Much noticed Allan’s head appear in the bushes behind Robin, he forced back a laugh. Allan motioned him over.

Much ignored him and looked back at Robin, out the corner of his eye he saw Allan gesture again then roll his eyes and step out from the bush.

“What we up to lads?” Allan said so loudly Robin jumped.

“We were just talking about The Sheriff and Gisborne” Robin answered looking slightly annoyed from being interrupted.

Much wondered when the Sheriff had enter the conversation.

Robin looked around then at Allan “Where did you come from?”

“Me? I was hiding in the bush” Allan replied flatly.

Much tried not to laugh he knew that Robin didn’t know whether Allan was joking or not by the half-smile he pulled.

As usual that evening Much cooked dinner and as usual he made rabbit, this time in a pie with some onions and carrots. Much had gotten into the habit of complaining that he was the only one who would cook for them but secretly he enjoyed it. He felt it was his contribution to the group and he would hand out plates with a smile and after he would wait for someone to compliment his cooking, which never happened.


He turned and looked at Allan who gestured him out into the forest. He followed Allan quietly.

“What’s the matter?” Much asked Allan.

“Great pie”

“What? Really? Thank you”

Allan laughed and Much suspected that he may have been winding him up.

“Erm, I have something for you” and before Much could say anything Allan handed him a parcel.

Much didn’t know what to say he had only ever received one gift before, his shield from Robin just before they left for the Holy Land.

“What is it?” He asked.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you would it?”

Much opened it and stared down in shock at his jumper.

“I called in a favour, old lady friend of mine, she works in textiles. I asked her if she could fix it”

Much had tears in his eyes

“Don’t cry”

“I’m not” Much said “Thank you, it was really thoughtful and seeing as it was your fault it ripped it was the least you could do” He smiled.

“Cheeky….” Allan swore under his breath “I don’t know what’s got into you Much you use to be such a nice lad” Allan laughed.

“I must be spending too much time with you”

“Yeah, I’ve unleashed a monster”

Title: I’ve seen the way you look at him part 3
Author: Sam
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General.
Rating: G
Characters: Much, Allan, Robin
Disclaimer: I don’t own Allan or Much, though I do own his jumper, the song “In A Winters Day” by Vicente Velasco
Summary: Much begins to understand Allan’s friendship, and Robin begins to notice something.

Much quietly peered around from the tree at Allan sitting by himself, he noticed he was talking to himself, Much tried to move as silently as he could to a closer tree. He walked slowly, holding his breath as he moved, until he reached the tree closest to the seated Allan. As he sat down under the tree he realised that Allan was not talking to himself but he was softly singing.

“From my home to the street
I walk in a cold winter's day,
under shadowy-grey skies,
the sun hidden by clouds.
I hear the cold Northwind
blowing through the leafless trees,
whispering in the twisted branches,
sounding like a Death-lament...”

Allan stopped and sighed

“The clamour of the Northwind fades,
and from the West I smell a
fragrant Zephyr blowing towards me
and the lament changes to song.
I see a swallow flying
from the South, the hot wind
under its sickle-shaped wings
singing towards the leafless trees…Are you planning on hiding in the trees all day Much”

“I wasn’t spying” Much said quickly “I was just….just….well just…”

“Just…just what?” Allan waited for an answer.

“Just…” Much scanned his brain for anything “sitting, yeah I was just sitting and resting”

Allan laughed loudly “is that the best you could come up with?”

Much smiled and walked over to Allan “It was a pathetic answer” He sat down “I didn’t mean to spy but I thought you were talking to yourself and…”

“You thought you’d eavesdrop?”

“Well yes, I mean no” he blushed “That song, you sang it well”

Allan’s smile faded “Thanks, my Mother use to sing it to Nora, my little sister”

“I didn’t know you had a sister” Much didn’t know why the knowledge was a shock he didn’t know he’d had a brother until he turned up “You’re in the habit of keeping secrets”

Much thought he saw a look of guilt on Allan’s face as he quickly turned away.

“There’s a lot you don’t know, and I’m not keeping secrets” Allan said softly.

“I didn’t mean to offend you, I’m in the habit of putting my foot in my mouth”

Allan laughed “you can say that again” Much laughed with him.

They both sat there making small talk about cloud shapes and arguing about whether the ruined tree they were sat on was once an oak or birch before they both fell quiet. Much hadn’t realised how much he enjoyed Allan’s company.

Allan sang softly “And by the song of the nightingale
I return to whence I came
under the starlit heavens,
in this winter's evening…She died, my sister Nora, when she was three, she got a fever. My Mother would sing that song to her to help her sleep. Then my mother got herself arrested and put in prison for stealing money to feed her. Then a few days later Nora passed on”

“I’m sorry” was all Much could say.

“Don’t be, it’s life init, people die”

Much thought of Allan’s brother Tom, he himself had no family but he never known his parents, they had died when he was still a baby. He couldn’t imagine the pain of watching his younger sister die while you stood by unable to do anything. He understood now why Allan gave Tom more chances than he deserved, he was another sibling that he was unable to save.

“What happened to your Mother?”

“What?” Allan was obviously lost in his own thoughts “Oh I don’t know, I never saw her again. She probably died”

Much couldn’t think of anything to say, he thought of how brave Allan must be and felt a newfound respect for him but couldn‘t form any words of comfort.. He put a what he hoped was a comforting hand on Allan’s shoulder and gave it a squeeze praying Allan would understand.

“Alright Much, don’t overdo it” Allan laughed

“I was just trying to be a friend” Much whispered.

“You don’t need to try, you’re already a friend”

Much beamed at him “will you teach me the song?”

“What are you two doing over here?” Robin called as her walked out from between the trees.

“Brilliant timing Much is threatening to sing”

Robin stopped and took a step back

Much opened his mouth then closed it, looking annoyed he looked at Allan who winked at him and Much smiled.

Robin noticed the wink “What have I missed?”

They both shook their heads, smiling at him.

“OK, don’t tell me, John has caught rabbits I was going to stew them for later. So…erm What’s going on with you two? What‘s so funny?”

They shook their heads again, “Fine, Much do you want to help me make stew? Or are you staying here”

“I’m going to stay here if that’s ok Master?”

Robin nodded and turned and walked back into the trees.

“Ok I’ll teach you the song. The first line is From my home to the street”

As Robin walked slowly back to camp he heard Allan laughing.

To be continued

Title: I’ve seen the way you look at him part 2
Author: Sam
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General.
Rating: G
Characters: Much, Allan
Disclaimer: I don’t own Allan or Much, though I do own his jumper
Summary: Much tries to forget what Allan said, Allan wants to make sure Much remembers it

“Morning Much” Allan said in a cheery tone.

Much avoided looking at him, but managed to mumble “morning” back before hurrying off to collect wood for the fire. Much had avoided Allan for the past 2 days, ever since their conversation when they were cooking together. Much had wanted to ask him about it, ask if he was being serious, or if he was just messing around. He wasn’t sure if Allan meant anything by what he said.

As he walked back to camp he noticed Robin and the others gathering their things.

“Where are we going?” he said to Robin

“Well I’m going to take bread to the villagers in Nettlestone, You are going to take our stuff to the cave”

“What? You can‘t go by yourself I‘m coming with you”

Robin turned “I’m a big boy now Much, I can manage” he picked up his bow “and besides I won’t be on my own”

“Who’s going?”

Robin turned and looked at everyone, then turned back to Much

“Everyone’s going? Well that’s just fine you all swan off and I’ll stay her taking care of things as usual” Much threw the wood he was carrying to the floor “and I suppose you’ll expect me to have dinner ready for when you all decide to arrive at the caves”

Much began to walk away when Robin chased after him “Much, oh come on Much, don’t be mad it’s not personal…” Much rolled his eyes “Listen I’m sorry and your not going to be on your own, Allan said he would stay and help”

Muchs’ eyes widened “Allan?”

“Yeah, I know the two of you don’t get on brilliantly but while we’re living in the forest we all need to try to get along. Allan is trying the least you can do is try as well”

“I’d rather stay by myself” he said defiantly.

Robin shook his head and walked away “We won’t be gone that long”

Much looked over at Allan who was sat smirking at him, Much quickly turned away and started to gather up their thing.

They both had gathered up all their things and set off toward the caves in silence, Much avoided looking at Allan but he could feel his eyes on him.

Suddenly Allan started laughing “you’re so predictable Much”

Much looked at Allan and not being able to think of any response he turned back. Allan laughed again.

Much turned to Allan “What? Why are you laughing?…” his voice rising in anger “Why are you annoying me? What did I ever do to you?” he stood there taking deep breathes, trying to calm down.

Allan looked seriously at Much “that’s a good question, why do I annoy you?” he started laughing again “I’m sorry Much, like I said your so predictable it’s easy to wind you up”

“I am not predictable…” Much was about to start arguing his point when Allan started walking.

“I really got to you didn’t I?” Allan shouted back

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”

“You do” he laughed “but it’s amusing watching you pretend you don’t”


I've seen the way you look at him

 Title: I’ve seen the way you look at him
Author: Sam
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General.
Rating: G
Characters: Much, Allan
Disclaimer: I don’t own Allan or Much, though I do own his jumper
Summary: Allan and Much talk, Allan does some slight flirting.

Much was sat by the campfire preparing dinner, when he heard someone walking up behind him. He quickly turned around and saw Allan.

“Need a hand?”

Allan didn’t wait for Much to answer, he just sat down, pulled out a knife and began cutting up carrots. Much looked around then looked back at Allan, he had never offered to help him before. Allan stopped and looked him in the eye

“Don’t look so shocked” he said with a laugh.

“I’m …..well…I…..” Much couldn’t think of anything to say so he picked up a carrot and began peeling it. He heard Allan laugh to himself.

They sat in silence, cutting up vegetables, before Allan finally spoke

“So, how do you feel about Robin and Marian?”

Much shrugged “I’m happy for them”

“How do you really feel?”

Much looked at Allan “I’m happy for them”

Allan laughed “pull the other one”


“Oh come on, I’ve seen the way you look at him”

“And how do I look at him?”

Allan shook his head and laughed again

“Seriously Allan, how do I look at him?”

“Forget it, it doesn’t matter”

“It must matter if you brought it up” Much could feel himself getting frustrated.

“Look, I’m not being funny but it’s obvious you have a thing for him”

Much sat there staring at Allan not knowing what to say.

“I…I don’t have a “thing” for Robin, he’s my Master, he’s my friend”

Allan smiled and nodded his head, Much suspected that he didn’t believe him.

The silence made the seconds seemed like hours to Much, as he sat there cutting up a rather large carrot, when he noticed that Allan was watching him

“So why have you never married?”

Much was startled by the sudden question “erm, I haven’t found the right person” he said quietly “Why have you never married?”

“I’m a drifter, never stay in one place too long that’s my motto, and don’t change the subject, so it has nothing to do with Robin?”

Much rolled his eyes “no, apart from losing 5 years in the Holy Land with him”

Allan raised one eyebrow “I didn’t mean to offend you earlier, it’s just, well, the two of you are close”

“Of course we’re close he’s my Master, I’ve been looking after him for 10 years, I spent 5 years travelling with him”

“And that’s it, he’s just your Master?”

“Yes” Much said a bit too forcefully.

“Good cause I’d hate to think you were wasting your time”

Much couldn’t help but laugh

“I’m serious Much, there’s a lot of people out there, most would pay more attention to you than Robin does” he stared at Much

“You think?” Much said trying to pretend that he wasn’t that interested

“Yeah, someone that would listen to you, maybe even cook with you” he looked at Much with shining eyes

Much laughed again but this time out of awkwardness as Allan stared at him.

“Are you being serious Allan?”

Allan smiled at Much, then he opened his mouth to answer when

“Have you not made dinner yet Much” Robin shouted

“We’ll talk later” Allan stood and walked away.

He turned back and winked

To be continued…

Sovereigns Of Sherwood

My Much and Allan A Dale community is up and running


The Winged Horse

Title: The Winged Horse.
Author: Sam (AKA pygmy)
Fandom: Robin Hood
Genre: General, Fluff
Rating: G
Characters: Much, Djaq
Disclaimer: I don’t own Much (But I did steal his jumper)
Summary: Much and Djaq have a midnight chat.

Much couldn’t sleep. He lay uncomfortably on the ground listening to his snoring friends and staring up at the stars. He tried to remember something one of the soldiers in the Holy Land had told him about the stars, a story of a horse, a winged horse, but he had a terrible memory for tales and folklore. He looked around the night sky again looking for the flying horse but all the sparkling spots looked the same to him and he couldn’t make out any distinguishing shapes.

Somewhere in the darkness he heard someone move, his hand was about to grab his sword, when he realised it was Djaq walking past, he thought about saying something but she had already gone. He turned over.

He lay there for a while listening to Djaq wondering around the camp then he thought he heard her whimper. He sat up, groaned and rubbed his neck, he looked around the camp and noticed her small figure next to the fire. He stood up slowly and started to walk towards the heat of the campfire.

“Djaq? Can’t you sleep?” as soon as he said it he regretted asking such an obvious question.

She shrugged her shoulders not looking up from the flames. Much wasn’t sure if he should sit down or leave her to her thoughts.

“I miss my homeland” Djaq said suddenly.

“Erm…Right” Much sat down slowly thinking she still might tell him to go away, but she didn’t.

“I keep thinking about the village I grew up in, and how it’s been destroyed by the fighting, and my friends” She paused “I don’t know if they are still alive and I know my family are dead” Her voice broke and she put her head in her hands.

Much couldn’t think of anything to say, he had never seen her this upset, she had always spoke of her family with pride never sadness, always celebrating their lives never grieving their deaths. He put his hand on her shoulder, something he had done many times to Robin when he had been sad.

“My family are dead too” he said quietly, he wasn’t sure this was the right thing to say, but the words had left his mouth before he could stop them.

She looked at him “I didn’t realise, I’m sorry”

He felt embarrassed “I’m sorry too” He smiled awkwardly at her.

They both sat there silently for a while, Muchs hand still on her shoulder.

“Do you mind me asking what happened to your family?” she asked quietly and awkwardly.

“My father died in jail before I was born” He looked at Djaq and added quickly “He wasn’t a bad person, he was a miller, he stole some flour cause he had no money to feed my mother when she was heavily expecting” He paused realising her had never told anyone, not even Robin, about his parents. When he looked at Djaq she was staring at him with caring eyes, he suddenly felt very comfortable talking.

“My mother brought me up alone, before passing herself when I was 10”

He realised Djaqs hand was on his, he hadn’t noticed her doing this and stared at their entwined fingers resting on her shoulder. She noticed this and began talking rather fast to cover up his embarrassment.

“She, my Mother, gave me the nickname Much”

“I thought Much was your real name?” she said sounding interested.

“Many do, I’ve been using Much since the day she died. I was a sickly child, smaller and weaker than the other boys, the villagers would say I would never amount to much. My mother would stand up for me telling them all I was special then she would take me to one side and tell me not to listen to them that I could be much if I wanted to be, she would call me Much. When she died I dropped my name and went by Much”

Djaq was looking at him with tears in her eyes “what was your Mothers name?”


Then she smiled and turned away from him and stood up. She searched around the camp fire for a few minutes stumbling on the rocks before returning with 2 flasks. She handed one to Much.

“A toast- to Genevieve, a devoted mother”

“And to Djaq, a beloved brother”

They both drank then sat in a comfortable silence listening to the flames from the small fire and the snores from their friends.

Djaq suddenly stood up “Goodnight Much”
He smiled up at her and watched her walk away then turn around and walk back to him. She knelt on one knee.

“So if Much is a nickname, what’s your real name?”

Much smiled and turned back to the fire “Nicholas, my name is Nick, after my father”

She smiled kindly at him and walked away.

When he lay down he quietly turned on to his side, closed his eyes and dreamed of himself and Djaq riding a flying horse out of Sherwood Forest.